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Why choose Boucannerie Belle-Rivière ?


Boucannerie Belle-Rivière is unique not only in the region but in the whole province of Quebec.


In 1978, Richard had reached his 18 years old, he decided to buy a grocery store situated on Rang St-Vincent in Ste-Scholastique, Mirabel. In the back of the grocery was an ancient smoking room which he dreamed of making functional. The project took 3 years to become concrete. The rough drafts were drawn during a trip to Mexico. The construction of the smoking room in frosted bricks respected the tradition. Since that time, Boucannerie Belle-Rivière has taken expansion and offers you more than 150 homemade products which are directly made at the Boucannerie. We also make the meat cuts you desire for your B.B.Q. or for your guests.


Boucannerie Belle-Rivière is divided in two. The first part is the sales by retail or in gross of our homemade products. Among our products, you will find our ancestral recipe of ham, our regular or garlic pork chops, approximately 50 kinds of smoked or regular sausages, beef jerky and pork jerky, bacon, meat pies, chicken pies, salmon pies, goose liver pâtés, terrines, duck liver’s moss, smoked chicken, turkey or ducks, smoked salmon or other fishes. And to finish your meal, why not take advantage of our homemade pies such as apple, strawberry, raspberry, five fruit, maple syrup, sugar pies and many others.


The second part of the Boucannerie is specially conceived for the meat cuts and transformation. Our meat cuts include beef, pork, veal, lamb, goat, emu, ostrich as well as deers, mooses, cariboos, bears and wild pigs.


We apologize for the restrained English version but invite you to visit our complete French version.


For more information, please contact us by e-mail at :

La Boucannerie Belle-Rivière

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